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If you are a network seller, direct seller or involved in promoting MLM products for a major brand like Mary Kay or doTERRA, it’s helpful if you include a personal website into your marketing strategy. This online tool helps establish your brand, build authority, enhance engagement with your audience and sell your products.

Become Your Own Personal Brand

While the company that you represent may have its own marketing tools that you can use to promote their products, it’s usually a generic website template — dull and boring. Wouldn’t it be better to establish your own brand? This way you can portray your own personal message and enhance engagement with your audience. Depending on your age and products that you sell, you are different than everyone else who sells the same products — exploit that in a positive way!

By having a professional website design created that targets your specific audience, it helps you portray your authority, individuality, personality and specific message. It’s highly likely that anyone interested in the products that you sell will be searching the internet for more information. When they land on your site and it has a professional website design, they’ll be impressed, want to stay and will probably ask you questions.

Build A Lifestyle Website

If you’re involved with direct sales, you already know that one of your most important tasks is to build your team. You can demonstrate your authority by posting articles on your own personal website. Stay consistent by writing blog posts on a scheduled basis. Include pictures that show what you are currently doing and demonstrate a lifestyle that is associated with the company that you represent. I wouldn’t DIY this process, but let a professional help message the site. By being real with your audience, it builds trust and helps bring people onto your team.

Include Imagery

Buyers want to see what your real life is all about. Pull out your camera and engage with them through high-quality inventory photographs, logos, and images. To expand your marketing even further, consider building social media profiles that represent your brand. People love to share photos, images and videos on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. When you post videos and photos of your daily life, events or products, it provides the opportunity for even more engagement. If any interested buyers see your posts on social media, they will probably be interested in your message and want to check out your website.

You can see the benefits of having a lifestyle website and how important it is in your marketing plans. Have a professional web design london agency created for your brand, utilize it and see what a difference it makes.


Written by Jonathan East