Building a successful website with a great digital conversion rate requires a complete understanding of your target audience as well as various features that are most relevant to them. Utilizing a few website features, you can learn how to significantly impact your website’s overall digital conversion rates to remain as profitable as possible. Here are some ways you can increase your digital conversion rate for your business.

Favourites List

If you are launching an e-commerce site, be sure to consider allowing visitors the opportunity to “favourite” their preferred items or inventory choices you currently have in stock. Allowing users the ability to save and organize their preferred items is a great way for you to keep track of products that are most desired or in-demand by your audience. The ability to favourite things and build a profile on your site makes the e-commerce experience feel more personal and customizable for your customers.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing and retargeting campaigns online are essential whether you are creating an e-commerce store or promoting a local brand in your area. Using remarketing and retargeting campaigns provide you with more than one opportunity to make a lasting impression on prospective followers and shoppers. Use these campaigns to remind previous visitors to your website of their favourite items, sales, and even exclusive promotional codes to keep them coming back for more.

Live Web Chat

Offering a live chat option on your website is one way to effectively communicate with your online visitors, prospective customers, and loyal fans. Offering a live chat is simple and can connect you with any visitor your website receives 24/7. Studies show that 63% of customers are likely to return if web chat is available, which is why providing the service is highly recommended for just about any website regardless of its purpose.

Providing your users with a live chat service is a great way for them to learn more about the items and get any information and answers they are looking for when browsing and shopping on your website. Using a live chat solution is optimal to discover just how users browse your site and the type of products or services they are most interested in. You can then use the data you collect when planning future product releases or upcoming promotions.

Social Sharing

Social sharing tools are some of the most effective tools used by website owners and online marketers today. Use social sharing tools on each of your website’s blogs and even on your own email newsletter to spread the word of your website, its URL, and your products or services with the use of social media. Providing links to the content you share on social media can also make you and your business seem more personable. Your customers will feel warmer towards you if they are able to become familiar with at least one face behind your brand.

Building a website with relevant, interesting, and engaging features can help you to build a reputation and following for your brand and business in less time. With the right website features, you can really maximize your online reach. This can impact your ability to remain successful in your preferred market and industry.

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