Mobile technology has transformed the way people live, work and play. Thanks to your mobile devices and the software that powers them, everyday activities such as banking, shopping, and traveling have become fast and efficient. Of course, life will continue to change as technology evolves.

Social Media

A growing number of people have discovered the convenience of using their mobile devices for social media. As a result, you have a chance to capture life as it happens. By 2020, expect all of social media to be mobile. Also, applications will automate much of the process of collecting and processing your data.

Home Automation

“Smart” devices and apps for the home have already changed the way people think about computing. Screenless devices have introduced new levels of convenience, making interacting with the digital seem more fluent and natural.

By 2020, home automation management will have matured and gone strictly mobile, unifying the Internet of Things (IoT) with AI. Soon you will interact with your home as you would with an assistant who always anticipates your needs and provides for your comfort.


Have you ever needed to check the balance sheet for your business while you were away from the office? In your personal life, have you ever had trouble remembering to scan your receipts and enter all your transactions?

Already, you often have cloud-based options for accounting. However, in the future, accounting will go strictly mobile as the cloud becomes faster and agiler. Moreover, expect more devices to intelligently update your records as transactions occur.

Language Translators

Already, mobile devices have given world travelers the ability to instantly translate signs and menus. They can even talk directly to people, regardless of language, using smartphones as intermediaries. Expect this trend to continue.

By 2020, massive language stores in the cloud will make translations faster and easier than ever before. Additionally, the mobile translators may start taking the form of human-like robots that behave like human translators of the past.

Marketing Channels

Many businesses consider mobile marketing as just another way to reach customers. Soon, you can expect that marketing channels will be the only way companies and their brands connect with their audiences. Virtual and augmented reality technologies will help to accelerate that trend.

In summary, many technologies and behaviors will soon be strictly mobile. For this reason, you should prepare yourself to embrace emerging technologies and trends so that neither you nor your business will be left behind.



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