As you look for designs to represent your start-up, know they’re the symbols, which will represent what you are all about. Not to put any pressure on your decision making process, but every element of your design will be saying something to your audience.

Hence, you will need to attract the right kind of consumers in the near future with your design. This means you must pick a logo and other elements which should reflect your organisation’s values similar to your target audience.

Where Will Your Font and Logo Be Used?

Your choice of design elements will be used in various merchandise materials such as products, banners, freebies, marquee tents and any other items which will be needed to promote your business. These would even include employee uniform and advertisements.

This is why your choice of logo and font is highly important. In the process of efficiently carrying out the operations of your business, it would be worthwhile for some of your company’s visual elements to get inevitably remembered by whomever you and your employees would be dealing with.

What is the Personality of Your Brand?

In styling a person, every fashion expert will need to incorporate his or her client’s personality. This is very much similar with choosing the design elements of your brand. You will need to identify how your organisation would want to portray its brand.

If you will be targeting individual customers and you are selling juice drinks, then you will have more options to choose a fun logo for your merchandise materials. This way, you can easily be seen in cluttered shelves. However, if you need to show a more reliable and credible tone for your product or service, then solid colours would be more advisable.

Pick a Range of Colours and Narrow them Down

This should be the fun part especially for those who are passionate about brand designs. Your graphic artists can come up with various sets of colours and other elements so you could finalise on a font or logo for your company. With a set of instructions, give your artists some amount of creative freedom to present all the design possibilities you may choose from. The more targeted options you’ll have, the more of a positive standout your brand elements would be.

Do Not Hesitate to Do Some Change Ups

Upon finalising your overall design, it is also important to include a couple of elements which can vary. You must provide three similar options at most in your brand book or guidelines. This way, you will have the capacity to change things up should your merchandise items need to cater for a younger or more mature market in an event.

These are just some of the ideas to help you in choosing some design elements for your business. List up your own criteria and get started on building your start up’s image today.