Marketing is a vital element in growing a business. One of the biggest constraints in designing an effective marketing plan is capital. Without the right funds, many companies struggle to develop a marketing plan that is going to reach enough customers. Businesses with access to new capital can design and plan promotions that will increase sales and profits in the years ahead.

Know Your Customer

One of the most important ways to increase the effectiveness of your marketing promotions is to increase your knowledge of your customers. There are many business owners who do not know what their customers truly want. Your marketing promotions need to effectively engage those who will come to your business and spend money. Get to know who your common demographics are, what prompts them to spend, when they spend, and what they buy most.

Paid Social Media

In the current marketing industry, one of the most effective ways to engage with customers is to use paid social media advertising. Social media is the easiest way to engage with thousands of customers in your area. When you pay for advertising on these mediums, the advertising is generally directed at people who already have interest in the products or services you sell.

The problem with this advertising is that it can be expensive. Businesses usually pay based on the number of clicks advertisements bring to the website. If you have a lot of new visitors to your website, the cost can be high.

Discounts on Bundles

Another effective marketing strategy is to bundle different products and services together for a discount. This is especially effective if you run an online business with a lot of different services. With new capital in the business, you can afford to lower your margins on your products for a short period of time. The goal of these promotions is to generate sales now and in the future. A satisfied customer will come back to your business to purchase more products or services in the future.

Implementing Change

Designing a thorough marketing strategy is not easy. However, there are ways you can accomplish your goals. With a new infusion of capital through business loans or added revenue, there are more doors opened on the promotions that will be effective in your business. Make sure to carefully consider the different options that you have in this area. If you are able to invest in an effective promotion, you will have more success increasing sales and profits.

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