Websites that are not optimized for mobile use are losing potential clients especially now that more than 50% of online searching is done through mobile devices. Mobile Design research has shown that mobile users will most likely do business with an online retailer if they can navigate well within the mobile website. Anything that loads far too slow makes any user abandon the transaction. It is not enough to just make it aesthetically stunning, but it has to be accessible too. With a competitive world we have today, your business need to have that cutting edge to be able to increase the ROI.

Mobile Users vs. Desktop Users

Aside from the obvious differences between desktop and mobile technologies, studies have shown that mobile users are more inclined to purchase impulsively. The fact that they are using a mobile device to look for products and services, it would mean they want the data readily available to them. They want faster loading, quick searches, and simple interface. Desktop users, on the other hand, have more time to analyze and compare before hitting the purchase button.

Navigation and Style Are Critical Issues

One of the biggest mistakes of companies when looking for designs is they focus largely on how fancy or unique-looking it would be to users. While there is nothing wrong to aim for amazing visuals, it should not be the priority. Mobile design experts will tell you that a high percentage of both mobile and desktop users prefer familiarity over uniqueness in style and layout.

At first glance, a fancy-looking design can create quite an impression to users but when confusion creeps in; they most likely go and move to another site. Most users especially those who are always pressed for time prefer familiarity. The navigation should also be as simple or as generic as possible. Providing a clear path to reach the purchase button should be an effortless process for the users. It has to be concise with no-frills to distract the user as they go around the site with the shopping cart and convert the search into a sale.

Why Invest on Mobile Design Experts?

If you have decided to step up and optimize your mobile site, getting just about anyone to do it would be a mistake. A plethora of choices are available in the Internet with different plans to suit your budget. The tricky thing is how to hire the right team to get your website mobile-ready. Invest on designers who primarily focus more on mobile web technology. Do not get lured on just the amazing visuals but choose someone that can go beyond the design and create a web solution suited for your brand. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to get the best people who can deliver both style and functionality.

Involving you in the designing process is a plus. Mobile Design experts are not afraid to collaborate with clients. If they take into consideration your inputs then the end result would most likely be something that you will be satisfied with. However, bear in mind that these are experts on mobile designs and if they say a certain feature, however, popular will not be an advantage to increase your revenues do not argue. Remember that your success will be a testament to theirs.

Facts on Web Commerce Success Rates for Optimized Mobile Websites

If you are still hesitant to invest in mobile design, here are some facts that may convince you to make the change. Around 4 billion people today have been accessing websites using their mobile devices and about 1.8 billion consumers own a smartphone. The more people to market the product the more chances of getting a sale. Just imagine if you can penetrate the worldwide audience. The social media sites are rapidly increasing their audience. Last year Facebook reached 1.23 billion users, and a third of that use Facebook mobile and out of Twitter’s 175 million users half of them are using Twitter mobile.

You have to capitalize on this so that you would not miss out on potential sales. Make your mobile design work for you now instead of just letting your competitors out run your brand. Remember that mobile gets more traffic today more than ever. People use it for practically just about anything and everything under sun. From a simple search on school assignment, to watching TV while commuting to work, to ordering food, scheduling flights, chatting with friends, sharing a video, getting cleaning services, sending gifts across the world, you name it and the mobile technology can do it for you. The more convenient and helpful you make the mobile site, the more opportunity you have of getting repeat customers or new business.