Prospective customers do research online for anything they want before they can purchase it. They get to know a business by way of the contents of the websites that they visit. The information therein cam be engaging or not, making the prospective customer hesitant or skeptical. To ensure that you get to them appropriately and from their perspective, you can let satisfied customers speak on your behalf.

If you have a testimonial page, it is a platform for letting satisfied customers speak of their experience and how they have benefitted from the product or service that you offer them. Not only are these reviews important, but they also make help in establishing trust as well as encouraging prospective customers to buy the product or service that you are offering.

When coming up with a testimonial page, you need to identify satisfied customers, collect their feedback, and analyze it accordingly. This information is essential in creating a useful and affordable marketing tool.

Collecting assessments from your Google and Yelp

Business reviews are essential tools of marketing. As such, you can solicit evaluations from satisfied customers and display them on your testimonial page on your websites. Here are few pointers on how to collect this feedback:

  1. Come up with a unique review URL

Business cards or leaflets that request your customers to leave reviews for your business would suffice here. Either of the two should tell the customer how to leave a review; hence, you have to get creative and include your URL.

  1. Ask your customers to leave their comments

When customers are on the highest level of happiness because of the product or service, which is when you can ask for assessments. Check with them to see if you can incorporate some extra content like mentioning your product or service.

  1. Respond to every Comment

When it comes to negative comments about your product or service, you respond by offering an explanation or a solution. A response to a good review helps in SEO and attracts more evaluations.

The Objectivity of Testimonial Pages

The essential aim of testimonial pages is to enhance brand authority. Different researchers have suggested that most customers identify with the word of mouth and the most effective tool that influences their decision in purchasing. It translates to a social proof that whatever you are offering is working correctly. Client endorsements have to describe your product and analyze their functionality. Apparently, only half of business owners have claimed their Google My Business listing and aren’t taking advantage of Google reviews – this means people aren’t taking or seeing the advantage of what reviews and testimonials can give to your business.

Testimonial pages enable you to show your customers the optimum performance and functional ability of your product. It is important to mention other gratifications such as free shipping, refund, trial period because that will not only interest the customers but will also speed up their purchasing decision-making process. The incorporation of all these aspects will see your testimonial page achieve its purpose adequately.

Creating the Perfect Testimonial Page

Having understood the objectives of your testimonial page, you need to know how to make them more credible, realistic, and convincing. Consider the following tactics:

  • Regale a story

Building a good testimonial page can hinge on telling a story. Let it contain details of what the customer wants to hear. It should show the practical application and problem-solving characteristics of what you are offering. This tactic will affect the awareness and behavior of the customer, attracting them to purchase your brand.

On the flipside, this tactic can be problematic if you are selling products that are not necessarily solving any snags. For instance, selling clothes or furniture does not really solve your potential customer’s problems. The remedy here is describing the comfort or beauty of such a product to your potential buyers.

  • Induce a human touch

There are many vague and generic testimonials for their brands. Remember that this page or website is meant to make people buy your products or services. As such, it must have the credibility of the highest order. You must have authentic content and write it in a conversational manner using simple and everyday language. However, if your target audience comprises of eloquent individuals or technocrats in a specific field, you can make an exception.

  • Use photos of real individuals

Images of common people you anticipate to see in daily situation work best. When using images, select the ones that show the uniqueness of culture and ethnicity of target areas. The idea is to strike a balance between the story you intend to tell and the faces that your prospective customers expect to see in those testimonials.

  • Don’t overlook video testimonials

This is the latest trend in content creating and marketing. Some studies have predicted a surge in video testimonials in the future. Having spontaneous video endorsements can also work best. Avoid using scripts to make the video endorsement more convincing. These testimonials should also be very brief and to the point.

  • Make use of influencers

Creating room for social influencers to examine your product online is crucial. They comprise of industry thought leaders or successful people whose words can help in raising the standards of your business an average customer will trust in whatever this influencer has to say about your brand and what it represents. Therefore, you ought to find an influencer whose values and style matches whatever your brand represents.

  • Make it natural

While you definitely want to showcase the best your company has to offer, especially when it comes to testimonials, it may not look very natural. Having consistent 5-star reviews doesn’t look very natural. It may be a good idea to allow a few testimonials that aren’t as glowing. Don’t prioritize these ones, but you also shouldn’t hide them. Being able to find middling and less positive testimonials can actually instill a sense of confidence in your company because it shows you are willing to be transparent.


Testimonial pages not only add value to your content marketing but also help in popularizing your brand. If it is appropriately designed, a testimonial page can increase your profits. Invest in a good testimonial page to expand your clientele base as a long-term plan.


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