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"We have used Goldenboy Media's servces for almost a decade now, since they first started, and we've never looked back. Thanks to Dan and his team, we have been able to grow our online business!"

Jack Duffy
Director at SPG Search

Goldenboy Media defines itself as a young creative website design & development agency. We operate from South London led by Daniel Pereira, founder, and CEO. Our mission is to deliver expert websites with sensational user interfaces while incorporating design best practises. Our results are consistent, and clients appreciate the services.

Attention to detail is our primary unique selling point that has earned us a fast growing fan base. Approaching each job like it were ours, old-fashioned treatment and quick communications to clients, are also our distinguishing features. Over our 7 year history, online businesses have relied on us for web solutions, and you can do too.

How We Define Web Design & Development

Put simply, website design & development is the process of planning, coding, monitoring and making updates. In detail, design involves defining the site’s purpose, laying down the architecture, making the layout and navigation panels, adding colours, images, fonts, gradients, as well as social media icons. When joined, all these components produce a website.

Often, design for most people signifies the visual aspect of a webpage. In practice, we do more during the design phase like ensuring the usability, focusing on customer habits, and ease of navigation plus other properties. Design, therefore, involves making the site as simple as possible and helping the user find information or products, and contact details quickly. Our 7-step process ensures that the traditional elements (colour, contrast, backgrounds, etc.) and ergonomics are implemented.

What Are Good Designs?

Distinguishing between professionally designed sites and those that don’t uphold the best practices is easy. It is a terrible design if finding information is difficult, which indicates that the layouts and navigation panels are of low-standards and also the colour and fonts are unappealing. Finally, it is a bad design if the site looks beautiful, but lacks functionality.

Goldenboy Media Web Design London upholds the best practices. They are beautiful but functional, and well structured. Text, images, gradients, and contrasts complement each other. Last but not least, there are comfortable to use, and delight. Our tools for the job include various technologies such as: Hypertext mark-up language (HTML) and Cascading style sheets (CSS) for creating simple visuals, PHP for integrating with databases and JavaScript for making them interactive.

We Focus on Creativity

Our sites are no way mechanical and rigid. We incorporate aspects of art by brainstorming to create sketches. Each one undergoes a careful evaluation, and most plans, end up in the trash can. Only the most promising designs reach the final stage of production. We aim for the remarkably simple user interfaces, which are the most challenging to create. However, we never tire until we are sure that the website, will surpass those of your competitors; both in looks, and functionality.

Best Practices

Our design philosophy is not sophisticated. We strive to build web design london sites that look splendid and function well when viewed using desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones. Our experts agree that it is essential for users to experience the same features and ease of use regardless of their screen size. We also ensure that the website promotes sales 24/7, all year round; by giving you something robust, free from errors, simple to manage and maintain. For better organic results on Google or other search engines, we optimise the design for mobile design. That is key to generate more leads, conversions, and revenue. No matter how imposing the challenge, we deliver using our comprehensive 7-step process:

Our 7-Phase Website Process

While websites look simple on the surface, underneath, they have many components, utilising lines and lines of code. Anyone can program a website to run, but few can create first-class code. The site will run, and appear composed on surface, under the hood, it may be one huge mess. We avoid all this, by incorporating a rigorous design process. Many industry experts use some form of this process. Others just get on with things haphazardly. However, our productions look good on the surface (front-end) and are easy to update on the administrator's back-end. Our web designers london have a formula which works overtime.

The process, developed over the years, includes:


In short, approach involves finding out the purpose or goal of creating the website and the targeted audience. Do you want to use the site to provide information about your offline activities? Will the website function as an online store? These are questions, we need comprehensive answers to, in order to know what you want. Also, we require information about the users of the site. By this, we mean the end users, who are your target audience. If you sell farm implements that says the target audience, are farmers. Afterwards, we look at the website of others in your niche and create sites that surpass theirs concerning use and functionality.


During this step, we propose the sitemap, web structure and determine technologies to use. The sitemap is the general layout of the pages, which form the entire website, showing how they are interlinked. Our london web designers will engage you further to determine the function of each page in the buyers funnel. For example, on most websites, users start at the homepage and may go through several pages before arriving at the final page. On this page, they can either buy products, subscribe, call or donate, all depending on the primary objective of the business. We also determine the technology best suited for the project.


Each year brings new design trends, and we will give you only the latest ones. You will get a gorgeous looking site which is also highly functional. During the planning, we first create the wireframe models that will incorporate the content videos, photos, and text. Next, we select a clean, sleek visual style depending on your brand and personal preferences.

We don’t forget to ensure that the website retains its usability across various devices. At the end of the process, we deliver a site with a modern UI that is simple to use, and one where beauty works seamlessly with functionality.


At this stage, we add content to the bare structure. Content refers to animation, logos, text, photos, and videos. The right selection of material is essential and will either make or break the website. For this reason, we will only select excellent copywriters to script some nifty articles for various parts of the site. We keep things exciting and find ways to add high-quality photos and videos.

In addition, we ensure that the website is Search Engine Optimised. It refers to incorporating keywords and phrases that your prospective clients use on search engines like google, in pages throughout the website. For instance, “web design & development South London” is an example of a keyword that boosts ranking. Making the site SEO optimised is relatively tricky, we admit, due to the amount of research involved. However, we are devoted to creating a good looking website, optimised for SEO, to drive traffic and make you money.


Actual coding and creation of the final website, does not occur until the fifth stage. All through, our designers and developers, ensure that they brainstorm and create prototypes, test them, before laying down the code. They will carry out HTML & CSS coding to create the traditional elements of the visual such as fonts, colours, contrast, navigation panels, and backgrounds among others.

During development, our PHP developers will create and link the website to a database. By doing this, the site looks more than a corporate brochure and feels dynamic. You can use the database to store and retrieve various types of data such as text, images, videos and more. In specific terms, customers’ login details, transitional history, product images, and more.

Finally, our developers, make the website responsive. That means making the site to look well and function across screens of all sizes and shapes. You will only have one website that can perform on computers, mobile phones, and tables.


You care about quality, and we also believe in getting things spot-on the first time. Anyone can write code, but most are poorly written, and mistakes are invisible. Realise that, just because the website or application functions does not mean that it follows the best practices. Often the costs of fixing lousy code are high, thus we conduct thorough technical testing. Also, your website is tested across different browsers for compatibility.

We ask if each line of code plays an essential role. In addition, we make it simple to spot errors, correct and upgrade to new technologies. Should any fixes or corrections arise in the future, you will not have to spend extra. We also test the loading speed of the website across different devices. Often, a slow loading website is penalised by search engines.


Even after formally handing over the site, our work is never done. Continuous monitoring of different aspects of the site is necessary to find small bugs. Thus, rest assured that should any problems arise, we are only one call away. If you let us, we can manage future maintenance activities. Our passion for high-quality websites never ends, and we are always ready to assist.