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Our Websites Are Built on WordPress

Soon you will become a webmaster, responsible for running your new website. Worry not, it will be stress-free, because we create with non-technical users in mind. That is why, most of our sites are based on WordPress, which is the best content management system in the world. The back-end resembles your word processor program. You can modify with ease different aspects such as the menus, pages, navigation, upload images, docs among others. With minimum training, you will be running the website like a true master.

WordPress, in our view, is the Gold Standard in website design and has been in operation for many years. The CMS is free to use, aesthetically pleasing, and will make any site successful, especially if you want to create a blog. What is more fascinating, you will be able to edit the website, using your smartphone, wherever you are, in the world.

Why own a CMS system?

A content management system (CMS) will allow you to be in control of your own web content. You can change content, menus and navigation, and upload images, PDFs etc. Using an easy to use editor which closely resembles a Word processor you can be in control of your website 24/7 and from any location in the world.

Our CMS based websites are designed with non-technical users in mind. Users with just an average knowledge of word processing will easily be able to create and edit content online. There are a number of CMS systems on the market and of course depending on your website requirements, this will always vary. However 90% of our websites are built on Wordpress, and here's why...

Wordpress as a website

If there were such a thing as a Gold Standard in the website design world, WordPress would be it. Very fast to develop, customize, affordable due to it’s prolific dominance in the industry, and most of all very user friendly for website owners. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. Usability, affordability and aesthetics are what makes WordPress stand out from the crowd. It's evolved from its origins as a highly successful blogging platform to offer a stable, full content management system capable of delivering results for online businesses.

The All-in-One Solution

Mobile technology is going big. Every other user is now viewing your website from their iPhone or other smart phones. It is essential that you create a mobile friendly version of your WordPress site. You can also edit your website from a mobile device in any part of the world!

WordPress is a SEO dream

Aside from having an amazing looking site, the most important thing about a website is that it is easy to find via search engines. Your online presence, in terms of site professionalism and position on your Google keywords, indicates to potential clients whether you are worth doing business with.

Google’s web spam team has said that WordPress is a great choice. It itself takes care of 80-90% of search engine intricacies already, so there is very little for you to worry about. As well as already being search engine efficient, there are numerous SEO plugins which can be easily and efficiently integrated.