Taking your first steps.

You are about to take a crucial step, creating your website. It will take a lot of your time, resources, and yes, money. Leaving the process to amateurs could result in a lost investment, and hiring some companies could dent your budget. Do you need quality at a discount? Or a professional UK web design team by your side each step of the way?

Good news, at Goldenboy Media, we focus on you and your business. Driven by a passion for great-looking websites, which run smoothly, hiring us is the most excellent decision you could make. While the world of website design is in a constant state of evolution, we can offer you quality design solutions that stand the test of time.

As a group of creatives, we are continually trying to prove ourselves, keeping up with the latest trends, and hungry to outperform all others. Thus, our websites look better, run smoother, and use the most recent trends.

Focus on Creative Precision.

We love to see concepts go from initial brainstorms, to sketches, all the way through to master artwork production. For us there is no bigger excitement than challenging ourselves to push the boundaries of creativity, development and online strategies for one goal: create user interfaces that are incomparable to any of your competitors, which not only look sensational, but also work to perfection.

We prefer to keep things simple.

If you are looking for clear, usable front-end design and strong ideas that result in engaging sites, then we’re the web design company for you.

The process

At Goldenboy Media we follow the same core web design process no matter the size of the project undertaken. Our development process is substantial meaning we have a few tricks up our sleeves when we need to do new processes for projects that require them.

The Brief

We take a detailed brief of what you're looking for, the look and feel that you expect and how you want to be perceived by your potential clients. We start with your customers!

Design Concepts

Our designs are created with your customer in mind. We put your customers at the centre of our design process. Our web designers are some of the best in the business.


Once we have designed the initial concepts we go through feedback cycles, taking on board your comments. We then present our work for your approval.

Passionate Industry Leaders.

Does your website feel out-dated compared to your competition, or has your company simply outgrown it? Our team of web designers in London are here to bring it back to life.

With our expert web design skills and knowledge, we offer fantastic quality and value. From refreshing tired websites to developing brand new ones – we’re happy to take on any challenge.

We will go to extreme lengths to understand your brand, your values and your customers’ requirements. Bring your vision for your brand to life, with the creative web design professionals at GBM. The design of your website will help to determine your customers’ impression of your business.

Profit Oriented Web Design.

Owning a hot looking website is a smart investment that can help you generate new customers, sell more products and even improve your existing client relations.

We believe in quality and value and this is why we focus on the smallest of details, to bring out the best in your website. In order to be a game changer in your industry, you need a beautifully executed website. We can quite confidently say, we have never had a disappointed client with the outcome of the design of their website. Fact. Contact us today for a free quote

Potential Web Design Features

Modern features in 2019 that we include on your website design

  • Unique and Large Typography
  • Large & Responsive Hero Images
  • Background Videos
  • Semi-Flat Design layouts
  • Hamburger Menus
  • Giant Product Images (eCommerce)
  • Quality Web Content
  • Clear, User-friendly Navigation
  • Simple and Professional Web Design
  • A Strong, but Limited, Color Palette
  • Plenty of White Space
  • Relevant Calls-to-Action
  • Design for the User First
  • SEO-Boosting Elements

Web Design Technologies

Some of the tools and technology trends we like to use

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • WordPress
  • Dedicated Mobile-friendly Designs
  • Creating Pages With Modules
  • Chatbots Integration
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Parallax Image Scrolling
  • Material Design
  • Video Headers
  • TypeScript & Ionic 2
  • Angular.js
  • Revolution Slider

More Than Just A Web Design Company.

Here at GBM we are so much more than a web design company. We have an impressive skill set that spans business analysis, competitor research, brand positioning, sales and marketing strategy not to mention stunning website designs, programming and copywriting skills, that come together to create sites that look stunning and fast track business success!

Our experiential approach to design creates emotion and engagement between the brand and consumer through UX, web design, graphic design and compelling copywriting. Whether we’re creating a simple brochure website spanning just a few pages, or a full ecommerce project with hundreds of pages and a sophisticated functionality, our tailored services are sure to meet and exceed your requirements.

Fast, Flexible & Bespoke Web Design.

We make it our mission to create visually stunning websites that get results for clients and are fundamental in reaching their business goals. Our highly skilled team of designers and developers embraces each project to build functional and easy-to-use websites with great user experience that will appeal to your audience.

Our websites are responsive: they’re designed to deliver content and layouts for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

The result: fully bespoke, fast and beautiful websites with exceptional levels of client control.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Costs for a fully bespoke website vary according to specification. As a guide, most custom web design and build projects start from £3K. However, we always try to accommodate your budget (if possible). Why not complete our form and we can have a chat about your requirements?

Absolutely. You’ll see a full design prototype including mobile designs too, plus you’ll have the chance to preview the proposed design before the site goes into development. We only begin development stage once you’re 100% satisfied with how the design looks!

The four easy steps we provide below will guide you in the direction of a professionally designed, developed and marketed Web site.

  • Step One: Domain Name (URL) Registration – This is the address people will use to access your Web site. Once you have determined that the URL you wish to use is available, the fee to register a domain name is anywhere from £8.00 to £35.00 per year. This needs to be renewed every year.
  • Step Two: Design of the Web Site – This is where the look & feel, and content of the Web site is determined and created.
  • Step Three: Hosting Your Web Site on a Web Server – This is basically where you pay for space on a server that is always connected to the Internet. Price will vary, depending on the amount of disk space you will have and the connection to the Internet.
  • Step Four: Marketing! – You should be thinking about the marketing of your Web site as it is being designed. The content of the site needs to reflex the search terms if you want your site to appear on search engines.

Please take a look at Our Work for recent projects that we have worked on.

Don’t worry at GBM everything is explained simply. Once we start designing a website, we will research your requirements, advise what we require from the client, then outline ideas, alternatives and timescales.

Once we start designing you can proof all work via our online project management area where you are kept up to date with the current workflow. We will always provide you with two website designs to choose from. You can then modify the chosen design and once you have signed off the design we will then start turning the design into a functioning website.

Unfortunately not. If the client is not a good fit, the opportunity won’t be quoted. Designing a new website is a big endeavour, so the website designer and their client needs to have synergies for the project to launch successfully. The same is true for customisations of existing themes. If we don’t feel that we’re a good fit or that WordPress isn’t a good fit, we’ll quickly tell you so.

The entire process can take anything between 4 – 12 weeks. It really depends on how many pages you require, especially how in-depth the functionality needs to be.

You always have full ownership over your designs and website. Although we’d hate to see it happen, you’re free to move your website to a third-party company. Since your website is built using WordPress, you can transfer it to just about any web host.

Yep! We’re great at communicating via phone and email and our clients come from all over the UK.

you’d better believe it! Mobile is key in 2019. Our web designs are fully responsive meaning they are now mobile and tablet friendly ensuring they look good in any screen size that is used to view your website.

Many processes go into the production of a website, overall if all these processes are executed correctly, it will produce a website that will work with you to enhance your business sales, marketing and image. This is achieved with great website design, user navigation and website Search Engine Optimisation.

Basically you need to consider what it is YOU are looking for in a having a website designed. If you’re looking for a brochure style website that gets your business noticed, then GBM have designed hundreds of websites just like that.

You need to know how long a web designer has been around, do they seem to have a great reputation, and can they show you multiple examples of existing websites which are live and active.

Web Design London

Goldenboy Media consists of experienced, forward thinking web developers and web designers, who have worked with a variety of clients over the years. As design specialists, we keep ourselves at the forefront of emerging design trends and tools, which means we can offer you the latest visual solutions. What you can’t say with words, we say through design.

Web Designers London

Our team of London web designers have knowledge expanding 10 years! We design visually pleasing websites that will put you ahead of your competition.

Websites That Work

Alongside the design, it’s about a website that converts your customers. We design websites that are not only lovely, but structurally correct too – all with search engines and visitors in mind.

Websites with intention

You’re here because you are serious about your business and its online presence. And you know that sleek design is just one part of that. Similarly, your competition is thinking the same and, as a result, they will are also focusing on building a serious online presence. Your website is more than clever words and pretty pictures. It’s an online home for your business. A storefront, a hub for your customers. A place to inform, excite and sell. In short, a website has a purpose. We make that purpose our priority. From discovering your aims and helping you shape your vision, to measuring performance through analytics, everything we do has your business goals and desired customer journey at its centre.


We've been in the web design game since 2009 and therefore know the business well. We use our expertise and knowledge to help your business grow.

Award-winning bespoke design

Our first priority is getting to know what you do and what you need. Then we use our experience to share new ideas and direction. We’ll also analyse your audience so we understand exactly what they need before we get started with the design part. Furthermore, with an experienced eye from our UK team, you’ll get a chance to experience your designs interactively so you can really get a feel for how they’ll look and work in practice. We've worked for clients such as NHS, Easyjet and Vodafone.

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