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5 Reasons Your Site Should Have a Responsive Design

The influx of mobile devices has made responsive web design imperative. This means that websites must be fast, efficient, streamlined and virtually seamless. Seamless design automatically optimizes websites for mobile devices, unlike mobile-friendly design….

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When you’re putting together your website, a lot of factors have to must be considered: user experience, security, optimization for mobility, etc.

But when you’re laying out the design, don’t forget one of the…

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Do Direct Sellers Need a Personal Website?

If you are a network seller, direct seller or involved in promoting MLM products for a major brand like Mary Kay or doTERRA, it’s helpful if you include a personal website into…

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How to Use New Capital for New Promotions Effectively

Marketing is a vital element in growing a business. One of the biggest constraints in designing an effective marketing plan is capital. Without the right funds, many companies struggle to develop a marketing plan…

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Making Payments With Your iPhone

Apple hаs officially launched іt’s muсh awaited mobile payment system, Apple Pay. Тhіs innovative NFC based mobile pay system allows iPhone 6 аnd iPhone 6 Рlus users tо mаkе point-of-sale purchases usіng thеіr smartphone…

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Which Web Design Company Is Best?

This is the age of the internet and computers. In order to be successful in business, it is imperative for every business enterprise to have an online presence. Hence, owning a tastefully designed website…

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Importance of Mobile Design

Websites that are not optimized for mobile use are losing potential clients especially now that more than 50% of online searching is done through mobile devices. Mobile Design research has shown that mobile users…

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When Should You Consider Redesigning Your Website

Having your own website in the fast-paced marketing environment that we currently live in is no more an advantage – it’s a necessity. Companies without an established web presence are without a doubt going…

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What Makes a Good Facebook Landing Page?

A good Facebook landing page must be able to turn any visitor into a subscriber and generally engage visitors to encourage them into exploring your services and products further. There are a few factors…

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Colour and Font Choices to Represent Your Brand

As you look for designs to represent your start-up, know they’re the symbols, which will represent what you are all about. Not to put any pressure on your decision making process, but every element…

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