A good Facebook landing page must be able to turn any visitor into a subscriber and generally engage visitors to encourage them into exploring your services and products further. There are a few factors you need to keep in mind when designing your landing page to get the best returns from your investment. Read on and find out how to maximise your landing page.

It should be related to the advert

If you are using an advert to attract potential clients to your website or Facebook page, ensure you offer continuity. The content you display on your landing page must therefore be related to the advert content. This means if you had lured clients with some giveaway promotion, this must be clearly visible once they reach your landing page. Consider incorporating some of the images in your ad into the landing page.

Creating a unique landing page

The wall is usually the Facebook default landing page. This presents several problems, such as the fact that if it is not frequently moderated, your visitors could find a lot of negative comments or spam, which is not a good first impression. That is why experts recommend a dedicated, custom landing page that sets you apart from the competition.

Have a strong call to action

You should clearly state exactly what you need from your users once they have arrived at the landing page. One thing to consider in this regard is to offer strong incentives to persuade your visitors. Many consumers like discounts or special offers, and this is something you can capitalise on within your call to action. The visitors should feel as if they are gaining something from following you or becoming one of your subscribers.

Use vivid images

Clear images are an excellent way of showcasing your brand or products and are alluring to any first time visitor. If you deal in clothes or cars, consider sticking a couple of images on the landing page to entice your visitors. The use of images is not just limited to good looking products though, as you can use pictures to liven up your page.

Keep it updated

If clients see outdated promotions or content on your landing page, it will make your look sluggish, and thus they will not explore any further. If your wall has not been updated with fresh content for a long time, you are likely losing many potential clients. Thus, ensure you offer interesting, up to date content to enhance exposure of your wall. This includes photos, videos, news and competitions among many others.

With the tips above, you should be able to make a good Facebook landing page.